Manager Masaaki Watanabe

Manager Masaaki Watanabe

After joining the Company, he has mainly been involved in settlement support, organizational restructuring, and general BPR management of both listed and unlisted companies. As the resident consultant in charge of the project team overseeing listing preparations for companies preparing to list their stock, he oversees support for securities companies and auditors. In the past he was involved in setting up bases in the Kansai and Tokai regions, and is also versed in venture support based in local cities. He also has experience in being deployed as an executive officer of a company, and has particular strength with consulting from the company’s perspective. Aside from all this, he is involved in the support of public accounting system construction for local governments, with more than 20 municipalities involved.


es Networks Co., Ltd.

Digisurf Co., Ltd.

es Networks Co., Ltd.

Practice Areas

IPO, Business Succession, M&A, Organization Restructuring and BPR

Professional Background

Keio University, B.A. in Commerce
Japan CPA