Director Hiroshi Fujita

Director Hiroshi Fujita

Since 2009, he has been engaged in managerial improvement support for SMEs. From survey analysis of the current financial and business ecosystem, he continuously carries out the drafting of management improvement plans, management organization maintenance, support for managerial decision-making, and business succession support for successors. While assisting a client company through the process of phasing and structural augmentation (stopgap endeavors of management systems → continuous operation of PDCA cycle → review of major issues/policies → execution of large-scale investment/construction of personnel evaluation/training system → development of foundation for subsequent revenue), he was involved with the client company for a medium to long term period (5-7 years), and worked together with company management with the single purpose of promoting business improvement. From April, 2016, he was dispatched to 株式会社あおぞら銀行.He has been involved in integrating financial strategy proposals to customers, planning and proposal of business succession (especially succession for public companies), and in-house tax training planning and supervision.


es Networks Co., Ltd.

Aozora Bank, Ltd.

es Networks Co., Ltd.

Practice Areas

Turnaround and Business Succession

Professional Background

The University of Tokyo, B.A. in Economy
Japan CPA
Vietnam CPA