Manager Naoki Nakazawa

Manager Naoki Nakazawa

Has been engaged in auditing work mainly of backbone domestic listed corporations at an auditing corporation for about 5 years. After joining our company, he began carrying out business revitalization work for regional SMEs, such as business/financial/issue analysis and plan formulation. Even after the planning phase, he continues to be involved as an advisor to achieve successful execution, and offers services including cost accounting system introduction and the creation of management tools. Also, in order to make full use of the experience of both his auditing firm and business revitalization eras, he is also engaged in accounting BPR at a customer company, where he provides resident support.


Kasumigaseki LLC

es Networks Co., Ltd.

Practice Areas

Accounting Support and Turnaround

Professional Background

Hokkaido University, B.A. in Engineering
Hokkaido University Accounting School
Japan CPA