Yasuaki Hizaki

Yasuaki Hizaki

After joining the Company, Hizaki has been in charge of revitalization support work for both listed and unlisted companies, M&A support work, system introduction support, business succession support, IPO support work, among others, mainly in the Tokyo and Osaka areas. As the director of our Vietnam operations since 2013, he has supported a wide range of business development in Vietnam, including support for Japanese companies entering the market, consulting in accounting, tax, and legal fields, withdrawal, M&A activities, and others. Since 2018, he has also concurrently served as the director of our Thai operations, and continues to broaden the scope of his activities to support Japanese companies expanding into the Asian market.


Sun Microsystems, Inc.

es Networks Co., Ltd.

es Networks Vietnam Co., Ltd.

es Networks (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Practice Areas

Overseas Expansion, M&A, PMI, Turnaround and IPO

Professional Background

The University of Tokyo, Graduate School of Engineering, Master of Enginierring
Qualifying CPA Examination Candidate