On-site and hands-on consulting providing not just strategic guidance but practical execution that makes a substantive difference. Our consultants are experts in their fields and provide CFO-centric in depth and textured accounting and financial guidance.

On-site emphasis.GROUP DNA.1
Strengthening internal structure through resident support.

For customers who lack resources, we deploy members of our staff equipped with the skills needed for the situation at hand, and directly inject knowledge and know-how to concretely solve problems.
We don’t present homework to the client; we work side-by-side with our customers and carry out improvements that include coordination with other departments though taking a company-wide perspective.

Emphasis on ExecutionGROUP DNA.2
We go beyond strategy to implement our client’s vision

Creating a plan is one thing; executing that plan is how value is created.
The adage “it’s easier said than done” holds true. Many consulting firms will sketch a roadmap but leave the difficulties of execution to their clients. This is simply not enough. es Networks is a “consultancy that executes.” Facing the goal together, we work towards the resolution of issues by carrying out execution support.
And we continue to provide support until the client can complete the project with their own resources.
As our consultants clear challenges immediately being faced, we level up our customers’ resources by implementing a reinforcement of the management department’s organizational structure.

Emphasis on the Manager’s ViewpointGROUP DNA.3
From the consultant’s standpoint to the manager’s standpoint

We augment our deep skillet from both the consulting side as well as the managerial side with each project with a kaizen process we call ‘revolving door.’.

We believe that seniority and a long record in the industry are not the insufficient conditions for being a good manager. Expert knowledge, power of execution, insight, adjustment/negotiation ability, and subject matter comprehension are much more effective gauges of success. es Networks goes beyond serving as a professional financial expert by objectively grasping each function of management—sales, development, production, and distribution; we contribute to the enhancement of corporate value as professional managers who perceive the future of the company and proactively take part in managerial decision-making.