empower the society
Consulting × Revolving

To contribute to the Japanese economy through “manager support” and “manager development.”
empower the society through Consulting × Revolving
This is the corporate vision we have set forth. Through our efforts to support managers, by nurturing our members as professional consultants or human resources suitable for management positions (CFO: Chief Financial Officer), we aid the growth of client companies and, in turn, contribute to the cultivation of the Japanese economy as well. This is what we believe.

To realize this vision, we are pouring our energy into tempering a sincere mindset that recognizes and overcomes the barriers between consulting and management,
and at the same time developing the skills within the CFO’s domain necessary for effective management.
As professionals, we will have everyone involved in the planning of es Networks acquire not only the practical skills of accounting and finance,
but also project management ability, as well as the character, way of thinking, and negotiation, planning, and decision-making abilities needed in management talent,
all of which we will have you obtain during the days you spend as an es Networker.

Supporting managers as professionals as we develop new managers.
We have already realized this hybrid goal.
Employees who have made efforts in their consulting work are participating in the management of group companies, client companies, and investment enterprises,
and are active as members in the ranks of management.

We’ve gathered under a vision of “manager support (consulting)” and “manager development (revolving),” every day striving to acquire both theoretical and practical knowledge of management as we move between the realms of consulting and management.
And each and every one of us, highly motivated and with a strong desire to grow, will contribute to the revitalization of the Japanese economy.
We are proud that this kind of company culture and attitude has led to our customers putting their faith in us.


100 Year, $100m Companies
“CFO Management” for Venture/SMEs
evolution & sustainability

100 Year Company Lifespan x $100m Company Value

es Networks, as an Asia/global consulting firm from Japan that offers support by providing CFO functionality, is committed to the sustainable growth of venture companies and SMEs in Japan and Asia.

Companies must not only maintain the status quo; their existence has meaning only when they grow sustainably..
However, venture companies and locally-active small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) that bring new technology and know-how to the world grow rapidly, but usually don’t last.
Or even if they do last, they fail to create new business and are unable to grow. This is the dilemma companies are likely to face.

es Networks is a pioneer in the industry that provides venture/SMEs facing these challenges a specialized service in the CFO domain to stimulate sustainable growth in a hands-on, on-site model; a unique consulting firm that is developed from the concept of freely crossing between the two dimensions of consulting and management.


PROMISE 1 Decisiveness and peace of mind to managers
Business is the driver of the economy.
Managers are the driver of business.
We provide relief to management and deliver effective decisions by integrating art, craft, and science.
With a powerful sense of ownership, we will hold firmly to the local reality and practical matters at hand.
PROMISE 2 We will try it because we’ve never done that.
It’s because leaving the familiar climes
leads us to greater heights
Leads us to greater successes and more wonderful vistas
Than we could ever have seen if we had stayed.
We choose the path of challenge..
PROMISE 3 Failure is a part of the road to success
Mistakes that can’t be laughed off,
And days filled with laughter will also come.
Failure is the flip side of challenge.
Let’s be grateful for our failures.
And be an organization that considers failure a part of the road to success.
PROMISE 4 “The House
Without a Key”
Always open. Always free.
Don’t assume the negative attitude (vested rights, authority, self-preservation, bad-mouthing).
Let’s be an organization where everyone can freely come and go, where spirited discussion with correct ideas is respected, regardless of position.
PROMISE 5 Concepts over rules
Rather than deciding on detailed rules,
Let’s put importance on the concepts at the heart of rules (the real meaning or principle).
When in doubt, let’s become an organization that turns back to the concept, shining a light on concepts to consider the actions that should be taken.
PROMISE 6 Family Spirit
Environment and opportunity for everyone.
Let’s act not as an organization playing a tournament game where only the victors win and advance, but rather with the principle of an extended family, with everyone working together.
Let’s be an organization where we support one another, where no one is left behind, where we face the goal and proceed positively towards its attainment.
PROMISE 7 We will save our colleagues caught in the storm.
We will cooperate.
We will help our colleagues who are in trouble.
There aren’t many things one can do alone.
But there are so many things we can accomplish together.
Let’s turn the harshest situations that anyone would want to abandon into our greatest successes through our cooperation as partners.