es Networks Co., Ltd. Social Media Policy

es Networks Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as “es Networks”) will comply with this Policy when using social media.

Awareness and responsibility concerning information transmission and correspondence through social media
Dissemination of information on the Internet will be carried out based on the full understanding that access is possible by an unspecified number of users, and also that once information is made public on a network, it cannot be completely deleted.

We will bear in mind that information and correspondence transmitted through social media can have a considerable influence on the world, and will take care not to create misunderstandings.

Attitude in regards to participation in social media

Without forgetting our attitude of attentive listening, we will listen to the voice of our customers, staying aware at all times of sensible information dissemination and responsible behavior in accordance with es Networks “Code of Corporate Conduct.”

Compliance with laws and internal regulations

We will strictly comply with laws and regulations, as well as internal regulations stipulated by the Company in disseminating information. In particular, we will not act in ways that violate copyrights, trademark rights, likeness usage rights, nor will we commit slander or other acts that violate the honor or other rights of third parties.

Regarding the use of social media

In regards to the use of social media, we set guidelines separate from this Policy and provide education for employees.

Guidance to our customers and users, and a request

Due to the nature of social media, information posted does not necessarily represent an official point of view. Information as it exists at the time of posting may be changed afterwards. Please be aware.
Regarding official announcements, we make announcements through es Networks’s website and news releases, so please refer to them.
Also, please understand that the method of support given differs depending on the account.

For inquiries regarding social media use, please contact us via “Inquiries/Other Inquiries.”