In order to guide venture companies and long-established companies (SMEs) in local regions to sustainable growth, we classify and define the CFO functions as "Five Vital Parts (Critical Defence Compartment)" and provide the CFO functions systematically with a consulting attitude that emphasizes "Execution (Practical Implementation)" in "Field".

Corporate growth is essential for a company to continue to exist in society, but it is difficult for a company to properly address the financial strategy needs that arise in the process by itself in a timely manner at the ever-changing corporate stage. This difficulty have a particularly large impact on SMEs in local areas and venture businesses that are seeking to bring new value to society as game changers. Based on our extensive consulting experience, we are providing the organizational CFO capability to "Manager Support" in five vital parts.

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Consulting Business

Contributing to the Japanese economy through "management support" and "development of management".

Based on this corporate philosophy, our company has been conducting business for more than 20 years. As specific contributions to the Japanese economy, we believe that sustainable growth is essential for long-established regional SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) that bring about a trickle-down effect on the regional economy, and for venture companies that propel (push up) larger companies with new technologies and operational know-how. Based on this belief, we define these companies as "Mittel:stand (*)" and actively support them. In order to realize this belief, our company is deeply committed to identify the challenges facing its Japanese version of “Mittel:stand” by company lifecycle, to get into and take part in the customer's field, and then to fully demonstrate "Field Driving Force" to implement CFO functionality.

Group of companies that form the basis of the German economy. It is also known as hidden champion companies. They have their own technology and know-how, and directly access to overseas markets. As a result, they often have the largest market share in the target market, not only in Germany but also in other countries. Niche top companies with extremely high productivity worldwide. As a result, they often have the largest market share in the target market not only in German domestic indicators but also globally. Overall, they are highly productive niche leaders.
company lifecycle

Investment Business

In the life cycle of a company, there are cases where the company's potential competitiveness cannot be fully utilized due to various factors and sustainable growth cannot be achieved. We are investing in these groups of companies and seek to maximize corporate value by providing execution-oriented consulting services in the management areas that we have cultivated since out foundation. We are also committed to "Manager Development" by sending out executive personnel, including the CFO, to the companies targeted for investment in some cases. We have already been promoting investment activities in the private equity investment (PE investment) field through the Regional Economy Vitalization Corporation of Japan (REVIC) and joint ventures with financial institutions and trading companies. In the future, we will further lead the investment activities as a GP and plan to form industry-restructuring investment funds and in-out/out-of-in funds that will link Japan and Asian region. In addition to the consulting business, we aim to play an even more active role in the investment business.

Investment Business