es indigo
Intelligence to support managers (consulting)

In developing practical execution support type consulting services, an emphasis is placed on the accumulation of experience and knowledge developed diligently and over time, as well as having sufficient sincerity to earn the trust of our clients. The indigo color embodies intelligence, built on the solid foundation of honesty and trust, that is indispensable to the support of managers.


es blood orange
Passion, manager production (revolving)

Cleverness is essential to the output of practical execution support type consulting services, but it is also liable to leave an impression of calculated coldness. What is required at the site of management support is the warm feeling of passion as well as cleverness; making efforts without both won’t solve anything. Moreover in order to develop people with their hearts set on management and with an overwhelming sense of ownership, the feeling of personally contributing to the revitalization of economic activity is indispensable. The blood orange color, with its vivid bright impression, is a symbol of the passion that is indispensable to develop managers.