We are Asian Global Consulting Firm originated in Japan and our vision is to contribute to the society and to aid the evolution and sustainability of company by supporting and producing top management.

Start-up companies stimulate industries’ evolution by it’s own operation and innovation while long-established companies support society as framework of the economy by it’s technology and manufacturing know-how. Under the rapid changing times, strong financial or administration literacy is necessary for a company to evolve and take advantage of respective strength for continuous growth. A company who is eager to “change” from where they are, is our client.

Since our establishment in 1999, our company handled consulting in CFO field (Finance, IPO, M&A, PMI, Restructuring, Governance, Accounting & Taxation, HR and IT) and acted as our clients’ quartermaster corps. Our history of execution support by stationing at our client is a history of hands-on consulting.

Consulting industry tends to have inconsistency of not being involved in management while advising to the management. To answer to this dilemma, we station at our client’s place and have mid to long term relationship by executing our proposed solution until it’s completion. Our concept of “Revolving” is derived from committed hands-on style of shifting between consulting and management field and it is very unique to our company.

Our country has sufficient talented player but lacks talented top management with strong leadership. Therefore, our company will support the growth of consultants through communication with top management and hands-on execution to become CFO with leadership and financial literacy.

By learning management in theory from supporting top management and through revolving, you will acquire management skill. This vision and culture connect to the trust from our client. We will continue to evolve as innovator in CFO consulting industry.


March, 2021 President Yoshinori Takabatake