ES NETWORKS announces a business and capital alliance with Bridge Consulting Group Inc.


ES NETWORKS resolved to form a business and capital alliance with Bridge Consulting Group Inc. (Bridge Consulting) by obtaining ordinary shares issued by Bridge Consulting from existing shareholders.

  1. Summary and background

ES NETWORKS provides a CFO function with its hands-on approach to innovative companies with new technologies and know-hows, and also to core regional companies that are key players in the local economy. We wish to contribute to their sustainable growth following our corporate mission: “Contributing to the growth of our economy through support and development of business leaders.”

Bridge Consulting, on the other hand, offers what is called “professional sharing services” specialized for providing certified public accountants to its clients as its core business. With more than 3,500 registered CPAs, our partner provides professional support that meets the clients’ needs such as comprehensive IPO processes and the financial publication obligatory to listed companies.

For companies that aim at expanding their businesses through IPOs, accessing to practical knowledge and resources related to effective control would be a key for further development. This is obvious by looking at the lowering birthrate and aging population, Work Style Reform, and the accelerated expansion of information, all of which bring out the issue of the shortage of manpower.

With this alliance, we can smoothly provide professional human resources with Bridge Consulting to our clients as needed. It is our goal that we contribute to the growth of the market and regional development by solving our clients’ practical issues.

ES NETWORKS and Bridge Consulting are sharing resources and know-hows for supporting companies intended for an IPO and are cooperatively developing new services based on this alliance.

  1. Details of alliance

ES NETWORKS plans to acquire ordinary shares of Bridge Consulting from existing shareholders through off-floor trading as defined by the Tokyo Stock Exchange (ToSTNeT-1).

(1)   Number of shares before transfer 0(Number of voting rights 0, percentage of voting rights 0.0%)
(2)   Number of shares acquired 80,000(Number of voting rights 800, percentage of voting rights 4.6%)
(3)   Number of shares after transfer 80,000(Number of voting rights 800, percentage of voting rights 4.6%)


  1. Detail of alliance partner
(1) Company name Bridge Consulting Group Inc.
(2) Company address 4-1-40 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo
(3) Title and name of representative Representative Director Ryoichi Miyazaki
(4) Business outline It provides “professional sharing” services that help their clients to solve business management issues
by creating a database of CPAs’ experience and practical knowledge and assigning the most appropriate CPA personnel.
(5) Capital stock 364.48 million yen
(6) Date of establishment October 25, 2011


  1. Schedule
(1) Date of resolution by the Board of Directors October 11, 2022
(2) Date of signing of the Agreement on Alliance October 13, 2022
(3) Date of share acquisition October 13, 2022